Frequently Asked Questions About The Master Key System

You might have a few questions about The Master Key System. Here you will be able to find the answers. If by chance you do not find the answer for which you are looking, please contact us here.

Will The Master Key System make me rich?

You are already rich! If you mean to ask if The Master Key System will make you wealthy…. Well, you are responsible for your own financial success or failure. The Master Key System will teach you how the world and your mind work. With study, you will become a better person. A better person is more likely to realize his or her dreams, which may include wealth. While the book itself will not make you wealthy, the ideas and tools you will garner from the book very well might.

Did Bill Gates really read The Master Key System?

That is a rumour that has been going around the Internet now for a few years. There is no proof that he did. The fact remains that what you learn in The Master Key System will give you insight and understanding into what Bill Gates did. When you understand, you will be able to replicate. Perhaps after studying this wonderful book and putting it into practice you will see your name in the Forbes list of richest people.

Is The Master Key System a difficult book to read?

In a way it is. It is a very deep book. It’s not a pop psychology fluff book. It will challenge you and make you think. More than that, there are weekly exercises in The Master Key System. Take the time to actually do them. You’ll be glad that you did.

How should I go about reading The Master Key System?

The Master Key System is divided into twenty-four “Weeks.” At the end of each Week, there is an exercise. The exercises are the “meat” of The Master Key System and you are encouraged to do them exactly as Haanel wrote. When you first get the book, though, it is recommended that you read it straight through, as if it were a novel. Then, return to the book and read it again, one Week at a time, paying attention to and actually doing the exercises. Should you have difficulty with the exercises, please refer to The Master Key Workbook, Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course, and the Master Key Coaching Teleseminars. You’ll find additional resources on the Important Links page.

Woah! This is an e-book. I want a real book. How do I get one of those?

Yes, this is an e-book of The Master Key System. It is complete and unabridged. If you’d like a traditional copy of The Master Key System, you can get it by clicking here.

Why is there mention of VCRs and cellular phones in a book that was written in 1912?

You probably read another version of The Master Key System published by someone who wanted to “modernize” it. This edition of The Master Key System is complete and unabridged and not modernized in any manner. It is true and complete to the original. If you read one of the others, then get this one, the Free Master Key, and be sure that you got the “real deal.”

What’s the catch? Why are you giving this book away for free?

There is no catch. You can download the ebook of The Master Key System completely free. The e-book is provided to spread some good throughout the world.

Why was The Master Key System banned?

Two rumors have been circulated about The Master Key System being banned. The first was that it was banned by the Catholic Church sometime in the 1920s. The second was that it was suppressed in the 1910s by the business leaders of the day in order to hide its “secrets.” Regardless of how appealing these stories are, neither is true. The Master Key System was never banned by the Catholic Church nor was it suppressed by a cabal of industrialists trying to hide its secrets. For more information, please see the Official Charles F. Haanel web site.

Do you have The Master Key System in other languages?

Not on this web site at this time. We are working on it for the future. Subscribe to the Newsletter and you will be informed when new languages are available here.

In the meantime, The Master Key System is available in many different countries and languages. Here is a list that may help you:

China/Chinese • Germany/German • Greece/Greek • Hungary/Hungarian • India/English • Romania/Romanian • Ukraine/Russian

What if I don’t like The Master Key System?

In the unlikely event that happens, just return it to Kallisti Publishing for a full refund. Of course, since it is free and an e-book, you can just delete it from your hard drive.

Can I send my friends a copy of this e-book?

Actually, you are encouraged to send copies of this e-book to your friends. Even better, send them links to this web site and share it on your social networks.

 I love The Master Key System! What should I read next?

Since you love The Master Key System, get Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course. It has all of the books written by Charles F. Haanel and then some. Beyond Haanel’s books, check out the books published by Kallisti Publishing. They’re the books you need to succeed!

I’m reading The Master Key System and I have questions and need help. Where can I go?

Have a look and listen at The Master Key Coaching Teleseminars.