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The Change That Is Unlocking the World


The change that is unlocking the world is a change of thought and it is happening to all classes of people — from the highest and most cultured to those laboring and struggling.

It’s been happening for a long time, but now — today! — it is happening at an accelerated pace.

This is what Charles F. Haanel wrote about in all of his books. This is what the rich and the powerful knew — and continue to know.

They know that wealth and success are not necessarily the products of luck, money, talent, or anything else.

They know that to be a part of this change means to unlock the power within yourself. It means to revel in ambition, experience joy in each success, and feel the warmth of a humanity that is at peace and driven toward the truth that we were meant to be grand.

If you are not part of the change, then you will find yourself ever more falling behind.

The old adage “The rich get richer while the poor get poorer” is taking on unprecedented validity as those who unlock the power within themselves will collect unimaginable dividends and interest — while those who hide their treasure will find themselves unable to partake of even the lowest luxuries.

Just look around you to see the truth in that.

Those who remain ignorant of their powers are seldom rewarded. They quickly find themselves to be slaves rather than masters, followers rather than leaders, laborers rather than thinkers. By ignoring their inner selves, they obtain no interest or dividend from their treasure. Like a miser who hoards his money, they die alone and the fortune they could have had becomes dust in the wind.

The people who unlock their personal storehouse of treasure use their ideas, talents, minds, and knowledge to mold the world and bring about positive change.

And for that they are handsomely paid…

How to Unlock Your Personal Storehouse of Resources

Imagine that you are no longer a play-thing of fate and circumstances.

Imagine that you are the captain of your destiny.

Imagine that the “times” no longer dictate terms to you, that you take advantage of the times in which you’re living and that you thrive — no matter what!

Imagine that your life is full and rewarding and that you are admired and respected because of who you are and what you do.

The knowledge, wisdom, and methods in Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course will help you accomplish all of that.

Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course has everything you need to learn how to harness your amazing potential and turn it into attaining your goals and dreams.

Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course has everything you need to tap into the very same resource that created massive fortunes, built empires, and even changed the world!

I believe in giving credit where it is due, therefore I believe I ought to inform you that my present success which has followed my work as President of the Napoleon Hill Institute is due largely to the principles laid down in The Master Key System.
Napoleon Hill
Author of Think & Grow Rich

Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course


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Since November 2009, I’ve made amends with my ex-husband, become personally debt-free, developed a business plan, secured start-up capital of $150,000, and successfully opened my own office. I owe these successes in large part to Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course.
Dr. Antony
Pain Relief Specialist

Here’s a Closer Look at Everything You Get with Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course

The Master Key System
The perennial classic.

Master Key Arcana
Going further.

The Master Key Workbook
Your guide to it all.

The New Psychology
You’ll see the world a little differently.

Mental Chemistry
Whatever the problem, you can solve it.

The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi
Put a scepter of power in your hands.

A Book About You
If life came with an instruction book…

Decoding the Complete Master Key Course
Your quick-start guide.

The Garden of Eden and the Sex Problem (Social Science)
Cuts the fetters of tradition with the two-edged sword of Truth.

General Instructions to Students
Let Haanel instruct you himself!

Think & Grow Rich
The classic by Napoleon Hill.

The Science of Getting Rich
The book by Wallace D. Wattles that inspired “The Secret.”

As a Man Thinketh
One of Haanel’s favorites.

The No-Nonsense Guide to Enlightenment
A modern classic available only with the Course!

I Believe Therefore I Am
Wonderful wisdom when you need it.

Master Key Coaching Certificate
Master Key Coaching for you!

Lifetime Coupon Code
Lifetime discounts from the Publisher.

Updates for Life
Free updates and additions forever.

Lifetime Coaching & Support
Lifetime email coaching and support for you!

Money-Back Guarantee
Stay confident and safe with your 100% money-back guarantee.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn, experience, and encounter with Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course…

  • You will gain a complete understanding about how your dreams become reality.
  • You will see how and why the Law of Attraction really works and begin to see the effects of it almost immediately.
  • You will learn a novel way to attain your ideal weight that doesn’t include diet pills, fad diets, or starving yourself.
  • You will remove doubt and fear from your life by learning how to “train your brain.”
  • You will discover the importance of having meaning in your life and you will be given the exercises that will help you to find it.
  • You will learn the techniques that the world’s elite use to build fortunes and empires.
  • By learning about the power of concentration, you will understand why many smart people never reach the heights of success that less intelligent people do — and how you can avoid the same fate.
  • Learn how merely wanting to “make money” is not enough to really succeed at any business venture. (In fact, it will only lead you to failure.)
  • Discover how negative self-talk can be quickly eliminated and replaced with positive self-talk that will aid you in attaining your goals and dreams.
  • Putting your plans into action will be easier and will happen at an unprecedented pace.
  • Results will come to you quicker than you ever imagined.
  • Goal setting will become a snap!
  • Attaining your goals will become almost second-nature.
  • You will see that whatever happened to you in the past is of little consequence now. You will look toward the future with an up-turned chin and the will of a giant.
  • There are three laws awaiting to work for you. Learn how to tap into their power so that you can realize your goals, dreams, and desires.
  • By defining yourself and your goals, you will seemingly magnetize yourself to success and opportunities.
  • You will understand why the mantra “Work smarter!” is the new “secret” to success in any endeavour.
  • When you learn the process of making your dreams real, you will be able to apply it to any aspect of your life — personal, financial, or business.
  • You will see that learning and improving your memory can be had with one simple “trick.”
  • While reading is important, you will discover that it is even more important to know what to read.
  • Say good-bye to procrastination! Once you have clearly defined wants and goals, you will discover energy and a will-to-action within yourself that you never knew existed!
  • Everyone has a “million dollar talent” that they are not using. You will discover yours by doing one exercise and you will see how you can put it into action almost immediately!
  • You will learn the difference between day-dreaming and goal setting, and how one will earn you ten times more than the other.
  • Problems that you currently have will dissolve from your life as you release the fluff and get to the good stuff.
  • You will encounter fewer “speed bumps” in your life.
  • Have you ever heard the phrase “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the fist step”? Or “You eat an elephant by taking one bite at a time”? Once you learn how to take a problem or a goal and dissect it into its component parts, you will be able to surmount or attain anything.
  • You will be able to see clearly and thereby see opportunities and chances to attain your dreams.
  • Not only will you be able to take responsibility for your mistakes, but you will also begin to really take responsibility for your successes, something which many people are too shy or too afraid to do — but the successful are not.
  • With the good out goes the bad! Become a powerhouse by putting your good traits and skills to use and by eliminating your bad traits.
  • You will see that the problems that you will encounter are easily surmountable and that they are your “stepping stones” to success rather than indications of things gone awry.
  • Your life will be fuller, richer, and more purposeful than you ever thought possible.

You will not only possess the keys to true success, you will also know which keys unlock which doors!

Success, however you choose to define it, is possible. It is not something that is reserved only for “them.” Every day, people just like you are moving toward and attaining incredible successes in all areas and fields of life.

Now is the time to claim your very own fine estate.

Now is the time to make your mark.

Now is the time to take possession of what is rightfully yours!

In The Master Key System, Charles F. Haanel wrote

You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.

Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course will give you the knowledge of your power. That, in turn, will produce within you the courage to dare — to dream big and aim high. All that’s left is for you to do.

And you will.

You can — and will — do great things.

I can’t thank you enough. I downloaded Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course and all is in the correct place. It is just PERFECT! The books are like no others. They’re very enjoyable to read. I can’t believe this! Is it a dream??????
Joaquin B.
All I can say is buy Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course. Live, eat, sleep, and breathe it until you have mastered them. Apply them in your everyday life. Do the work, work hard, and it will pay untold dividends. What better time to start than now?
Robert M.
What a joy it has been to find that someone so many years ago worked out the precise formula that goes so much farther and explains what we had tapped into. Now, you have brought his works forward again for us to study, incorporate, and bring more joy and abundance of all good to whomever will want to learn.
Karen C.
Salt Lake City

with Charles F. Haanel’s Complete Master Key Course.


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